From a small town in Virginia, Warren fell in love with design early on. The son of a math teacher, he too was drawn to mathematics as well as science: “I always wanted to discover what makes things the way they are. I am intrinsically inquisitive, which for me comes from spending a lot of time in awe of nature and taking in the enormity and the magnificence of it all.” A graduate from the School of Architecture at Virginia Tech he balanced his studies with hiking and camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Subsequently working in the aerospace industry, which satsified his technical interest, he says, “I also wanted to be creating something more intimate, helping people connect to the things that enrich their lives. Creating homes allows me this. I love responding to the shifting qualities of an active jobsite and seeing homes come to fruition. In 2008, Warren established WCRA to fulfill his vision of collaborating with peers to create sophisticated contemporary houses. Warren lives with his wife and three children in Loudoun County, Virginia.